System for acquisition, storage and display of temperature data captured through self-sufficient temperature recorders, being ideally suited to:


· Monitor transport

· Identify problems

· Create protocols for quality control

· Control places where the temperature is critical and requires monitoring


Characteristics of the temperature recorders:


· Record temperature between -40°C and +85°C, with a resolution of 0.5°C

· Dimensions 17 x 6 mm

· Store up to 2,048 temperature records in reading ranges between 1 and 256 minutes

· Memory with option to keep the last 2048 records or stop when full

· Data recording can be scheduled at a certain date and time in future

· Powered by a lithium battery with a life of more than 2 years

· Sealed in a capsule of 304 stainless steel, allowing use in harsh environments

· Reading data and programming done via cable and connector connected to the computer


Software Features:


· Software in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish

· Runs on computers running Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

· Export data to Excel and Word